Regal Technology Corp. | Explosion Clad Products of Notable Excellence

Regal Technology provides Explosion Bonding & Cladding Solutions

Regal Technology Corporation brings advanced levels of expertise and quality to the
manufacturing of explosion welded products. Based on our over 40 years of experience
in all facets of explosion welding, you can depend on having an explosion welded product
produced to the highest possible quality level - or what we call "Regal Quality".

Why should you team with Regal Technology Corporation for your explosion bonding solutions?
  • Attention to Quality
  • Excellent Customer Service and Support
  • Fast and Timely Turn-Around
  • Over 40 Years of Experience

Our "Notable Excellence" in explosion bonding is achieved through a complete understanding of the process, the
materials, the final application, their interaction and end user client specifications. More importantly, this expert capability, with its increased level of quality, need not cost more. We work to the specifications of: ASME, ASTM, NACE and IEMA.