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Finishing Services for Explosion Bonded Products

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Finishing Services for Explosion Bonded Products
Finishing Services for Explosion Bonded Products

Often our clients require additional services beyond those we perform as standard. These are normally specified in the early stages of quoting and included as supplemental requirements in the purchase order. They may include some of the following detailed below.

Picture: 304L Stainless Steel on SA516-70N Steel formed half shell with edge weld prep and clad strip-back.

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Materials Specifications
As standard practice, virtually all materials used in explosion bonding are procured to ASME/ASTM Specifications. It is not uncommon for many end users to impose supplementary materials requirements or specifications in their purchase order with respect to chemistry limits, carbon equivalent (CE) limits in the steel backer materials, or specific heat treatment conditions. It is important that these supplemental requirements be cited as early as possible in the procurement process to be sure they are appropriately included.
Precladding Material Testing
Additionally, supplemental testing may be required on materials prior to their being clad. These may include ultrasonic inspection of the backer (SA-435, SA-578 or SA-577), Charpy impact testing of the backer steel (sometimes after being subjected to a simulated post weld stress relief heat treatment) or positive metal identification (PMI) of the cladding metal.
Post Cladding Material Testing
The predominant mechanical test of the explosion weld itself to be specified as a supplement is the bond shear test. When specified, it will be per SA-263, SA-264, SA-265, B-432 or B-898 depending on the clad metal type or alloy. Although composite bend and tensile tests are included in these specifications, they are rarely invoked.
Optional Post Bonding Processing
Regal Technology can arrange for and provide a number of other post bonding processing services for its clad products including:
  • Machining - tubesheets and covers - edge, surface machining
  • Machining - channel and shell plates - weld prep beveling, clad strip back
  • Forming, rolling and tack welding (partial code stamp)
  • Seam welding
  • Head forming
Please inquire about these and other possible optional services Regal Technology can provide.
Industries Utilizing Explosion Bonded / Clad Materials
Our finished materials are most often used in the: Pressure Vessels/Heat Exchangers
  • Oil Refining
  • Chemical Processing
Transition Joints
  • Cryogenic/Refrigeration
  • Structural
  • Electrical
General Manufacturing/Applications
  • Thermal Transfer
  • Desalinization

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