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Custom Roll & Tack Welding Services

Roll bending - continuous incremental bending of materials - as well as tack welding are among the many services Regal Technology Corp. provides for parts and components. Using our carefully developed network of subcontractors and suppliers, we work closely with our clients to deliver the kind of customer service only available from a family owned business. We use roll forming to shape alloys, brass, steel, stainless steel, and titanium. At Regal we roll materials up to 8’ long to inside diameters of 36” to 72”, all to exacting tolerances within 1/8”. We can then prepare all edges in advance of tack and seam welding, in addition to our strip cladding with flat electrodes and clad head forming services for pressure vessels. We are also home to valuable secondary operations such as water jet cutting, finish machining, Blanchard grinding, and explosion bonding and cladding. We quote projects on a job-by-job basis for metal fabricators, the steel industry, and general manufacturers. Our specialty production shop can also provide rush services, when required, as well as more standard low and medium volume production runs. At Regal Technology we strictly adhere to standards promulgated by ASME, ASTM, NACE, and IEMA. We can work with CAD modeling file formatted in AutoCAD (DWG, DWZ) as well as PDFs.

Regal Technology has been doing roll & tack welding services since 1992. Contact us to learn about the special treatment we can deliver to your project.

Roll & Tack Welding Capabilities

Fabrication Method
Roll Forming
Tack Welding
Edge Prep
Clad Strip Back
Seam Welding
Head Forming
Stainless Steel
Explosion Clad Materials
Up to 8 ft.
Inside Diameter
36” – 72”
Tolerance (+/-)
Within 1/8”
Secondary Operations
Water Jet Cutting
Finish Machining
Blanchard Grinding
Explosion Bonding & Cladding
Production Volume
Specialty Production Shop
Low to Medium Volume
Typical Lead Times
Quoted on job by job basis
Rush Services Available

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Pressure Vessels
Steel Industry
General Manufacturers
Industry Standards
Compliant With:
  • ASME
  • ASTM
  • NACE
  • IEMA
File Formats

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